woensdag 8 februari 2017

Leiden and tourism

Leiden, the home of Barry Badpak

Leiden isn't considered one of the great touristic attractions of the Netherlands, but why isn't it? Leiden has the same attractors as all major Dutch tourist cities. The arcitecture of the city centre is at least as impressive as that of Amsterdam; the cities' history is one of the most vivid of the entire nation; all the attractions are all within walking distance; and to conclude a lot of students go to Leiden because of it's prestigious University and the amount of entertainment that the city accommodates.
There is a reason Leiden isn't seen as a touristic attraction, it doesn't have anything that stands out compared to The Hague(palaces/parliament), Amsterdam(red light district/weed tourism) or Delft(city of bikes/cheese). Tourist don't realize that the absence of other tourists made this town the best way to experience the Netherlands and it's culture.
As a result of being "de sleutelstad"(the key city) in winning the 80-year war with Spain. Leiden is a city where it's inhabitants are proud to live there. In response to the great losses that were made by it's inhabitants to refuse the Spanish entrance to the city, the Dutch king rewarded Leiden with the first Dutch university. Pride for the city has been a crucial part of the city's identity and it still is. Barry Badpak (Barry Bathrobe), a local musician, is a good example of how the city secretly wants to remain the same, and it has tried to do so over the last 400 years.

Barry is probably considered to be the worst musician alive, even the inhabitants of Leiden feel this way, but even so he remains extraordinarily popular with all of the cities inhabitants. Whether they are born in Leiden or came here to study, everyone likes him. This is because he embodies the true essence of what is it to be a 'Leienaar'. Singing in the rural tounge he encourages people to make the most of their lives and to live in the moment. The king of soap is to be found in a bar called 'de hut van ome hennie' between 9 PM and 5 AM, regardless of the day or the whether or not he should be preforming. Barry wil buy you a beer if you regocnize him and he will also buy you one if you don't. "Just be normal" is his catchphrase.

So why should you go to Leiden?
To see the Netherlands in it's original state. Every single reason you went to the Netherlands is in Leiden, it just isn't sold to you. There are windmills; beautiful buildings; there is a great history; a lot of museums; a lot of bars and clubs; beautiful hotels; great plays(at De Leidsche Schouwburg) and gorgeous canals.

What experience would you rather have?
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